don’t forget to order your smoothie before your workout to enjoy it right after a hard training session.

SQUAD café is here for you to enjoy a Pre- and Post-workout. We offer specially crafted smoothies, healthy snacks, coffee and water. You can purchase items before your class and pick them up when you are done. 

Squad refuel

Force + Speed 

Spinach –  avocado – matcha – vanilla – coconut milk

Kick start

Refuel + Energise

Banana – peanut butter – cacao – chia seeds – almond milk

Coffee date

Fuel + Build 

Espresso – dates – oats – almond butter – oat milk

Golden detox

Recover + Immune

Pineapple – aloe verra – golden paste – coconut milk

Go red baby

Low carb + Boost

Acai – blueberries – avocado – almond butter – coconut milk

Squad Café

Smoothie Bowl 7.5


Açai Lover :

Acai, banana, almond butter, oat milk, goji berries, coconut flakes 

Banana Lover :

Banana, peanut butter, chai, oat milk, goji berries, coconut flakes 


Warm drinks


Espresso 2.3

Lungo 2.3

Americano 2.8

Capuccino 3.5

Latte macchiato 3.5

Dirty Chai 4.5

Chai latte 4

Matcha latte 4

Black tea / Green tea 3


All our milks are plant-based : 

Oat / coconut / almond / soya

Extra coffee shot 0.5

Our bar is open to all, every day during our opening hours. Whether you came for a class or not, come relax and rewind in our chill-out area.

Squad café
bowls or smoothies

Enjoy one of our delicious bowls or smoothies made with love by our staff. It will give you the energy you need to keep you going throughout the day.

Buddy Buddy is a small nut butter atelier and coffee bar in Brussels. They select the best bio nuts, roast them to perfection, grind them, mix them, jar and label them.  Enjoy their organic, natural and plant-based nut butters in our smoothies.

Buddy Buddy