The Squad studio 

  • Where are you ? 

222 avenue Louise, 1050 Bruxelles 

Very easy to reach by public transport 

  • When are you open ? 

Monday – Friday 

07.00 – 21.00

Saturday – Sunday 

9.00 – 17.00

  • Do you have lockers ? 

We have lockers that work with a code in the changing room. 

Some have USB sockets to charge your phone.

Our locker rooms are fully equipped with welcome products and towels.

  • Do you have water on site ? 

There’s water at the SQUAD bar, if you’d prefer to bring your own bottle, we have a filling station in our lobby. 

To avoid plastic we sell our reusable bottles, they are available at the reception.

Book a workout 

  • How do i a workout ? 

You need to create an account, it’s super easy ! All workouts can be booked online on our website. You only pay for what you consume. You can buy one workout or you can buy a bunch of workouts.

Our packs of 5, 10, 20 and 30 sessions allow you to benefit from more advantageous rates.

If you fall in love after your first workout, check our memberships. 

  • When can I book workouts online ? 

Whenever you want ! We publish the calendar weeks in advance. You may book your workouts for the next two weeks. From there it’s up to you.

The Squad workout 

  • Are there different levels ?

Our sessions are suitable for all levels and we will ensure that everyone, accustomed or not, can make the most of the experience. We will therefore always take the time to explain the basics of how the treadmills works (settings, etc.) and exercices work.

  • When should I arrive ?

We recommend arriving at the studio 15 minutes before the workout for check-in. If it’s your first time, introduce yourself at the front desk.